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Mar 16, 2013 7:00am PDT
attacks violate the sovereignty. after a three-day visit, the u.n. team found the controversial strikes have caused far more civilian casualties than have been recognized by the u.s. government. the u.n. says the drone program is happening without pakistan's consent. the u.s. says the strikes are targeting terrorists in pakistan's tribal areas. we go live to a retired air force officer at the national defense university. thanks very much for being with us. do you agree with this u.n. report that these drone strikes iolate pakistan's sovereignty? >> absolute. i know the u.n. is justified in saying that this is against the law. actually u.n. charter for any nation state to violate, and another mission, except in self-defense. and pakistan, notwithstanding the entire world opinion is behind the u.s. in this. so far, this means the u.s. government and the government, apparently, yes, there is no backing, but i think there's tacit approval from the government, maybe even the military that the drone attacks must continue. if there's widespread belief that pakistan shares intelligence with the
Mar 17, 2013 11:00pm PDT
so far. >> a former child soldier, one of the so-called lost boys of sudan has come to the u.n. to add his voice to the debate. he says nations must speak out against the arms trade by signing this treaty. >> silence in itself is violence. if you know, if you're turning a blind eye of any situation, you actually are committing a crime. those are committing the atrocities and those turning a blind eye on it. here they have the power to turn everything around. >> the big question being asked in the other doers of the u.n., what positions will they take? they're keeping their card close to their chest. eight months ago when the treaty was lost on the table, the u.s. postponed things saying they needed more time to study the details. there will be 10 days of hard negotiations. if a treaty is to be signed, it has to happen before the end of this month. james baze, al jazeera, at the united nations. >> let's take a closer look at the flow of the international weapons trade. we begin with the biggest exporters. nearly a 1/3 of weapons worldwide come from the united states where russia
Mar 19, 2013 12:00am PDT
, whether it's at the u.n. or rockets from gaza or the iranian nuclear program, and that he's going to be with them in the future, and i think he'll use his oratorical magic and i think he'll have a powerful impact and that will be very helpful for an effort to restart the peace process after he leaves. tavis: you've said a couple of things that i want to pick apart. let me start with the notion that the president has a very low standing, a low approval rating amongst the israeli public. what has been the cause of that and has his -- i'm trying to find the right word here -- fractured or less than lovie dovie relationship with bibi netanyahu had anything to do with that standing? >> well, it's interesting you use the words "lovie dovie" because the president is not a lovie dovie kinda guy and that's part of the problem. israelis love to be loved. the rest is what have you done for me lately but they, you know they're basically fundamentally insecure and he doesn't show a great deal of affection but look at it this wa
Mar 16, 2013 2:30pm PDT
. the united nations has adopted a plan to combat violence against women and girls. the head of the u.n. women's agency said was aimed at tackling one of the gravest of violations of human rights. 131 countries approve the accord despite strong objections from the muslim brotherhood. it rejects any justification of violence and the u.n. estimates two in five women will experience violence in their lifetime. outgoing canyon prime minister odinga has challenged the results of the presidential race accusing his rival of vote rigging. he and his supporters gathered to back the call. police reportedly used teargas to disperse the rally. he says the new electronic voting system was to blame for him losing to uhura kenyatta. voting on a presidential referendum to pave the way for elections later this year, the rival political properties at st. mugabe and the opponent are both backing it. this would restrict the ability to pass off tartarian decrees and would also pave the way for a national peace and reconciliation commission on human rights violation. critics doubt that it would protect people from
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Mar 14, 2013 11:00pm PDT
the u.n. from seizing everyone's if that is what it takes to keep the u.n[ female announcer ]one's the one for all. mcdonald's dollar menu, home of the meaty, melty mcdouble you love... ♪ ...and other amazing tastes, for just a dollar each. ♪ like the bold hot n spicy mcchicken, and the new grilled onion cheddar burger topped with caramelized onions and melted white cheddar. everyday, as always, there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar menu. [cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome back. my guest tonight an actress stars on both "mad men" and nbc's "community." >> sad news they closed the ski slopes, a dozen scouts got buried in an avalanche. sad. i say we cut our losses and head home. >> why? we're here. we could hang out at the convention. i would have more fun hanging out with parents that are circling. >> why are people cheering at you. >> because they've never seen a man who had sex before. >> how many of those do you have in the chamber? >> enough for the whole ride home. >> what? >> he wanted it to we a surprise. you are a striking resemblance to the superv
Mar 19, 2013 1:30pm PDT
downstairs . >> thank you for allowing me to present here my name is -- i'm speaking on behalf of mark br u.n. o safe north beach mark is undergoing oral surgery at this very minute and a copy of the statement has been submitted to your secretary back at the december 4th hearing you were enthusiastic at the possibility of evidence code extracting -- mark and i believe the move to go to the theatre is a well meaning compromise. the numerous north beach businesses that are represented there are now 53 of them contributing only one of them beliefs it's reasonable and conserves public resources the other businesses involved in our suit they do not believe that it's fair that any neighborhood particularly ours, should face a 2 to 7 year period of construction when the city itself admits that there is a better way. the better way is to leave the machinery particularly the -- heads in the ground we've been in contact with the company that makes these machinery this is the companies one of the largest manufacturers and has the automation on your website. is there any reason why this machinery has
Mar 19, 2013 3:30pm PDT
's issues. my staff has just returned from new york where they participated at the u.n. on the status of women. they presented three panels, talking about san francisco's response to domestic violence, human trafficking, micro finance, and [speaker not understood] quality of the work place. they also traveled to washington, d.c. where they met with staff of the white house council on women and girls. so, san francisco is nationally, internationally recognized for our work on gender issues. as you know, we're the first municipality to adopt a local ordinance reflecting the principles of the u.n. convention to eliminate all form of [speaker not understood] against women. at least count 186 [speaker not understood] adopted this convention with the major exception of the united states. march is women's history month, and this month we are acknowledging particularly women leaders in science, technology, engineering and math. and recently the commission held a hearing on girls and technology. we heard from google and twitter about alarming decreases in young women and girls interested in th
Mar 19, 2013 11:00pm PDT
have responded? so okay. next speaker please. >> k u.n. takas and john lazar good afternoon. good afternoon sir and thank you -- for letting us express ourselves i just want to add the same thing i'm supporting my colleague here i'm a cab driver with yellow and actually a left turn for taxis should be allowed since it is you know we don't need to make people run away from taxis anymore. >> thank you, sir. next speaker please. >> mr. kantakas followed by john lazar and -- >> hi ladies and gentlemen. nice to be here. i have been here 29 years never take a vacation never been to my country. i drive a -- [inaudible] so i saw my friend in 2012 he said to me going to mta you pickup -- i meet them i said to him sir i never put my name on the list i never signed up anything could i apply for the senior permit he said yes you qualify. sure? yes you qualify. if you put your name on the list you qualify. so i said to him sir, i come back september 28 from greece so the first appointment happened 2012 and they said to me when i come back they said to me just a minute -- what happened h
Mar 19, 2013 11:30pm PDT
. >> thank you look forward to seeing it. >> bill mo u.n. dsey. >> good afternoon directors taxi drivers. the train has left. it's brakes have failed. it's going at fullest speed and will crash somewhere. nobody can stop it. she is a liar. she has constantly abuses her power. she continues to give misstatement at each level she's working on a contingent contingency basis not reality. what's going to happen near by? you are not listening to drivers. very soon a strike is coming. the whole city will be blocked. applause. this city will be blocked they are so angry they are telling me. nobody will be able to enter the city please listen to the drivers do not be dumbing anybody it's a serious issue. you are scared. you are talking little bit little bit no. you need an intelligent smart guy more smart than hube r give me the power i'll show you how to stop huber if you don't know i'll show you how to stop the illegal limosines i will show you how to stop it but you don't have the brains here. it's not a joke it's serious. i have a plan and we will stop them you please get out o
Mar 14, 2013 7:30am PDT
as well as l u b n a to please come on up and receive and just again, thank you very much for your work in the film festival and l u b n a for the wonderful leader ship that you have and devise that you are giving to he to run a vibrant culture center and i hopey that you are able to get a larger cultural center is because the population is going and i hopey that we are able to get you a larger cultural center and get you the resources that you need to run the cultural and art programs and so on behalf of the city l u b n a and jeff this is our arab heritage month celebration proclimation. (applause). and go giants: enjoy everybody.. >> thank you mr. mayor. (applause). . >> yeah, mayorly thank you very much for the letting us use your house here tonight and letting -- we really appreciate it we know that you ran from the game to get here and so we really appreciate your commitment to our community and we are happy that you are here to celebrate this momentous day with us. we have an awesome community here, we are here to celebrate the awesomeness of our community the dedication of
Mar 17, 2013 7:00am PDT
drafted and then voted last week for u.n. sanctions against pyongyang. for decades beijing saw pyongyang as a natural ally but a senior official told me last wednesday, we are clearly hearing increasing levels of frustration and concern from beijing about north korea. a few weeks ago a senior communist party analyst argued in an op-ed in the financial times that china should abandon north korea. now, talk is easier than action. china has never imposed penalties or strictly enforced sanctions against its ally. beijing's reasoning is understandable. we tend to think about north korea through the prism of two issues, nuclear weapons and human rights. but the chinese have a more pressing concern. national collapse. if they were to push the north korean government too hard, they feel, the regime could fall, leaving millions to seek refuge in china. even more important, the end game would be obvious. a unified korea on south korea's terms, which would mean that china would now be bordered by a former ally of the united states with 28,000 u.s. troops on its soil, as well as nuclear weapons. you
Mar 19, 2013 6:00am EDT
everything in the press that has been written, and they feel that the november trip to the u.n. was so successful that they are willing to go to the icc. when you say that israel may build this bottleneck area linking north and south, they say, fine. the more palestinians you talk to who believe that it is either final status or bust, and buss means the u.n., and not interested in any sort of coordinated unilateral agreement, it is a dirty word there, you are really seeing confidence. i personally hope the president in his stay over there is able to talk to the president over there and speak to them about the limitations of that strategy two could go to the icc. israelis say they're going to the icc. that could tie them up for years in legal proceedings. i do not see how any of this brings peace. i'm concerned about it. i'm also concerned about decision making, i'm concerned about the isolation of prime minister fayyat. the palestinian press does not report on his activities anymore. on the one hand, the good news is that more money has arrived lately. since obama is coming, of course
Mar 20, 2013 12:00am PDT
mean, we were his ally. >> it's good to -- today is to remember the warnings of u.n. weapons inspector hans blitz. it's a day to acknowledge the admonitions of leaders like general anthony zeni. eric shen who was forced into retirement when he disagreed with the bush cheny strategy. if we are truly remembering what it was like ten years ago today, we can't forget the millions of voices who opposed this war and attempts made to margin liz them. if you were a public figure, it was not a wise time to speak out against the administration. actress jeanne was called an iraqi sympathizer. >> saddam must love you and i'm sure -- >> don't even try and do that -- i'm not a saddam hussein apoll gist -- i don't think he said is that great news. >> michael moore was booed off the stage for denouncing the invasion of iraq. so much for these bleeding heart liberals in hollywood. let us not forget the response from around the globe. u.n. secretary annan said the war was illegal. nelson mandela called it a threat to peace. pope john paul ii said the war would not solve problems of man. jesse jackson ca
Mar 18, 2013 2:30pm PDT
sales. >> china has always taken a responsible and prudent attitude. apart to adhering to u.n. security council resolutions, china also follows strict regulations. >> over the past five years, china has more than doubled its sales of military hardware. united states continues to be the no. 1 arms exporter chalking up nearly one-third of all global sales. russia comes in third. followed by germany with 7% in france with 6%. now china has pushed britain to sixth place with 5% of the market. annual sales are now worth some 1.3 trillion euro. >> more them 500 representatives of various political groups have gathered in yemen for the first meeting of a national dialogue conference. >> the reconciliation talks will be drafting a new constitution and preparing for a full democratic election next year. >> we will be talking with an analyst about the hopes for progress in just a moment, but let's look at the challenges facing them. >> after months of protest, the demands were met. he left office just over one year ago. he rolled yemen for more than three decades. it came at a price. parliament g
FOX News
Mar 20, 2013 8:00am PDT
to the u.n. and a fox news contributor. general jack keane is also with us, a four-star retired general and former chief of staff of the u.s. army and a fox news military analyst. aaron david miller is a former advisor to six secretaries of state. he is also the author of, the much too promised land. aaron, let's start with you. this meeting has been written about, much-discussed in the united states. why now? why now for president obama to visit israel? >> oh, i think it is the intersection frankly of politics and policy. obama helped create his own israel problem and not that the prime minister of israel didn't air ba his fair share of the responsibility but the fact these two, probably with the exception of david ben guron and dwight d. eisenhower had most dysfunctional relationship between any american president and israeli prime minister. the president made a political calculation and he was vulnerable and exposed on this he had to take care of old business. too many people thought he was somehow hostile and adversary of the state of the israel. that coincides with policy on two is
Mar 20, 2013 7:30am EDT
't want to make it worse. the u.n. has said, the u.s. secretary joe has said the introduction o of more weapons industry is adequate counterproductive or not will lead to a resolution for special representative brahimi called for renewed diplomatic initiative bring the warring party to negotiating table. can the prime minister set out what steps you a cake government is taking to support the u.n. and advancing this initiative? >> we are taking specific steps to help the u.n. with his initiative and try to achieve a diplomatic solution would transition at the top of the regime is worthwhile pursuing. that is why we have detailed talks with the russian foreign and defense ministers in the last week. i would just make one of the point about the issue of the arms embargo, because i felt sitting about the european council chamber there was a slight similarity between some of the arguments that were being made about not putting more weapons into syria that seem to be very familiar to the discussions we had about bosnia and the appalling events that followed. and in my view it is better to be
FOX News
Mar 18, 2013 7:00pm PDT
to report that we have not released anyone until tonight, greta. first, there has been a report from the u.n. mission, iran's u.n. ambassadors basically to the human rights council, that they've asked for a review of the case and retrial, maybe look at the facts. and good news in light of the information that we've confirmed this afternoon, saeed was able to get doctors today to do a review of his internal bleeding. we've been concerned about. his health has been bad and got the review by doctors today and told he'll be moved to a hospital outside evan prison. now, it's our turn to pressure iran with this information to make sure that we try as much as possible to hold them to their word. >> greta: naghmeh, i imagine you're-- happy is not quite the word, but relieved he's going to be moved to a hospital maybe. do you have any sense of confidence that that will really happen or do you think that may just be the iranians saying this passing for one day? >> as he mentionedo continue to put pressure to hold them to their word. they've made many promises they haven't followed through with. i'm ho
Mar 19, 2013 6:00am PDT
spoke before the u.n. conference on the arms trade treaty. he refrained from mentioning the u.s. directly, but he criticized the country for continuing the development of nuclear weapons. >> at the front of the modernization is the largest nuclear weapon state who has listed certain countries as targets. with increased -- >> ri said such increased nuclear blackmail has compelled his country to adopt the same preemptive strike policy. the u.s. delegation did not exercise its right to reply and disregarded the condemnation from north korea. >>> japan is set to sanction a north korean bank. the u.s. treasury secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence travelled to tokyo to seek cooperate from japan. he met with them on tuesday. he explained the u.s. decision last week to ban the foreign trade bank of north korea in engaging in transactions with the north korean bang. it's said to be effective to a certain extent. but each country can prohibit only financial institutions from doing business with a north korean bank. cohen is also visiting china and south korea this week. >>
Mar 20, 2013 9:00am PDT
at the speed of hertz. >>> welcome back to "around the world." this week 193 countries at the u.n. will consider a global treaty to limit the trade of everything from ak-47 assault rifles to hand grenades. >> the u.n. says small arms are flowing way too easily across borders and landing in the hands of gangs, rebels, pirates and terrorists. >> the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon says the weapons are fueling armed conflicts, crime and violations of human rights. >> no kidding. a rare public appearance today from britain's queen elizabeth who's been a bit unwell lately accompanied by her husband prince phillip and katharine. >> they are celebrating 150th anniversary and earlier this month the 86-year-old monarch was admitted to the hospital with a stomach bug. and since her release the palace has limited her schedule. >> good to see her out and about though. >>> now check this out. it's a bowl that was sold for $2.2 million at an auction in new york on tuesday. >> wow. it's a rare piece from china that's about 1,000 years old. oh, my goodness. it looks very delicate. the previous
Mar 15, 2013 5:00pm PDT
sí mismo y no se pu pueden perder el testimonio y u sus serteros baticinios y ca n camicam cambiando de tema, un aviovón c ejecutivoo cayó a tierarra, y p pueden ver las imágenes, los m bomberos pudieron manos a la r obra para aplacar las llamas, u hubo un fallo en uno de sus m o motores. >> una persecución policial en las calles de ditroidetroit teó con el arresto de un negligente conductor, pero finalmente se estrelló y fue atrapado por las patrullas y el sujeto es sos sospechoso de robar autvehícul. >> un hispano este aen problemas en cacalifornia por darse a la j fuja luego de asaltar a una j mujer, eél dice que estuvo ali p por varios minuto s y su inte o intenciinte intención no fue escapar y un jej juez tendrá la uúltima palabra. >> este caso le hierve la sanrge a cualquier, pero la justyiiciae llegó, este hombre fue arrest d arrestado por pornografía inf t infantil en oiaohio, encontra i videos de hombres teniendo r relaciones con niñas y jovenc jovencitas y los abusos son t r terribles y lamentabeles. >> espantosos los detalles de r
Mar 15, 2013 6:00pm PDT
inside syria. today, in beirut, lebanon, the u.n.'s high commissioner on refugees warned, again, of ripple effects. >> the syrian conflict is more than a humanitarian tragedy, the syrian conflict became a meaningful threat to regional and global peace and security. there is a real risk of seeing the syrian conflict spilling over. >> brown: and also today, as if to bring home that point, syria's foreign minister warned his government may launch attacks on rebel safe havens inside lebanon. >> woodruff: still to come on the "newshour": conservatives regroup; shields and brooks; contaminated water and the e.p.a. and j.p. morgan in the hot seat. but first, the other news of the day. here's hari sreenivasan. >> sreenivasan: the securities and exchange commission says it has reached the largest insider trading settlement ever. under the deal announced today, the hedge fund c.r. intrinsic investors will pay more than $600 million. it will not admit or deny any wrongdoing. regulators charged that one of the fund's managers illegally made trades on an alzheimer's drug, based on confidenti
Mar 13, 2013 5:30am PDT
. >> that is precisely where we are headed. i think it is inevitable. we have heard recently that the u.n. has agreed to launch an investigation. in fact, they have launched an investigation into several civilian deaths around the world as a result of drone strikes. moving is what we see toward is perhaps a geneva convention on the use of drones in combat and in the gray areas where it's not necessarily a combat situation and not necessarily a peacetime situation. are in dangerous territory at the moment. the u.s. military has recently said that they will no longer be publishing data on drone strikes in afghanistan. hat means the monthly air report that they used to publish statistics, they no longer will be doing that. that really is a pretty clear signal from the obama administration that we are not going to talk about this any more. i'm afraid that the problem will not go away, however. theou are just greeting next generation of enemies. -- breeding the next generation of enemies. >> potentially, yes. my hope is that we will see a groundswell of support for transparency of how the weapons are used
Mar 12, 2013 11:30pm PDT
and have a few pennies less. i am going to go home and cook. i will text message u.n. is done. >> excellent and really looking forward to it. >> today we're going to make the san francisco classic dish invented by italian and portuguese fishermen. it'll be like a nice spaghetti sauce. then we will put in the fish soup. the last thing is the dungeon as crab, let it all blend together. it will be delicious. when i could, i will try to make healthy meals with fresh ingredients, whatever is in season and local. those juicy, fresh tomatoes will take about an hour to cook down into a nice sauce. this is a good time to make our fish stock. we will take a step that seems like trash and boil it up in water and make a delicious and they speed up my parents were great clerics, and we had wonderful food. family dinners are very important. any chance you can sit down together and have a meal together, it is great communal atmosphere. one of the things i like the most is the opportunity to be creative. hello. anybody with sets their mind to it can cut. always nice to start chopping some vegetables and x
Mar 14, 2013 6:00am PDT
of japanese abducted to north korea called for the establishment of a new u.n. committee to investigate human rights in the country. north korean officials have admitted abducting japanese in the 1970s and '80s. officials claim the rest have died. the abductees relatives' made an appeal in geneva. in 60 diplomats and other officials were there. this man's sister was abducted in 1978 at the age of 24. he says the issue is unresolved. he says it's a global matter. >> translator: we call on the human rights record. >> delegates from japan and european union are proposing the human rights council set up a special committee. it would investigate the abductions as well as conditions in north korea's prison camps. >>> the kabuki za has been rebuilt from the ground up. when the curtain rises next month, fans will be there applauding. scores of other people offered their support behind the scenes. one of them is a craftsman whose creations light up the scene. nhk world's kazuhiro takahashi reports. >> reporter: they began making paper lanterns about 200 years ago. he has carried on the craft for close
Mar 14, 2013 7:00pm PDT
camps and using torture. they also mention the abductions of foreign citizens. the draft calls on u.n. officials to set up a special committee. they want to find where whether the violations account to crimes of humanity. they will take up the discussion at a meeting next week. >>> protesters in myanmar are showing their displeasure with opposition leader. she gave the green light to a controversial copper mine project. she faced hundreds of protesters at the site. in november police evicted protesters staging a sit in at the site. more than 100 people were hurt. it's a joint venture between the chinese company and companies connected to the ruler. about 800 demonstrators marched on the site. they say the report favors china and the military regime. she's open to dialogue but residents are still demanding that the project be stopped. >> i'm the one if you don't agree with the commission's findings. you can stage in front of my house. >> she's still critical of the military rulers. analysts say she is showing another side as a politician who is negotiating with the military. this could
Mar 15, 2013 4:00am PDT
denied. egypt's ruling muslim brotherhood is warning against a u.n. declaration giving rights to women. among the reasons for their opposing the creed, it gives women the right to file legal complaints against their husbands accusing them of rape. >>> text messages dominated the second day of evidence at the ohio trial where two high school football stars are accused of rape. witnesses from phone providers recalled messages between two defendants where they described the 16-year-old alleged victim as dead. defense lawyers say the girl consented to sex while prosecutors argue she was too drunk. >>> the lapd has agreed to pay $40,000 in a settlement stemming from a case of mistaken identity. police shot up a truck last month during the manhunt for ex-cop christopher dorner thinking he was inside. >>> new jersey governor chris christie is being asked to apologize after what some are calling a racially charged remark. he accused assembly speaker sheila oliver of blocking a bill on education but referred to her as, quote, the african-american female speaker of the assembly. >>> well, coffee
Mar 15, 2013 4:30am PDT
our list that the u.n. recognized of countries, and how your response has been through this call. together we will make it so that this issue is never marginalized again. san francisco, you have been rising all day long. from dancing across the golden gate bridge this morning. the dancers who were just here now at grace cathedral. and thank you grace cathedral for welcoming us. and elrio will be dancing all night long. what better place to rise and here at city hall on valentine's day and all the elected officials and leaders, all of the women of anti-violence leaders who are here, and are doing this work everyday alongside of you. thank you, san francisco rising. v-day is a welcome place and i spoke to the representative from congo. and i want to thank every person in the mayor's office and the d.a.'s department and every single agency that works on this issue every day. from the bottom of my heart, and eve sends her love as well. you have made this happen. on that note i would like to welcome mayor edwin lee. thank you. >> all right, how are y'all doing? well, anita and i came
Mar 15, 2013 6:00am PDT
in the north, and east. the president denies allegations by the u.n. and human rights groups that government forces committed serious abuses at the end of the war. >> without doing all that, they're just issue a report, a one-sided, biased report. >> he says his government is investigating the allegations. >>> a study that kored british soldiers that served in iraq and afghanistan, show that after returns, soldiers with combat roles were more likely to be violence criminals than those with noncombat roles. the finalings show that young soldiers in particular were likely to commit violence offenses. of the 3,000 surveyed, 20.6% had a conviction for violence offenses. now that's triple the number of civilian men in the same age group whose ratio stood at 6.7%. there was also a case involving a coalition soldier who served in afghanistan. the u.s. soldier stormed into civilian homes in the country and shot and killed 16 people, including women and children in march last year. the soldier's lawyer says he won't deploy to afghanistan and iraq four times. the incident helped focus attention on pos
FOX News
Mar 15, 2013 8:00am PDT
the toughest sanctions ever. jenna: john bolton is a former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and a fox news contributor. ambassador we've heard a whole lot of different timeline. what do you think of this one? >> let's pars words that is always the first thing to do with a pw-pl bam statement. he didn't say a year, he said over a year or so. i mean that is almost infiniti in the obama universe, number one. number two he's way off in his estimate. it's much closer than that. jenna: why? >> because the iranians have enough low enriched uranium now that if they enriched it to weapons grade i think within three or four months they could have their first nuclear weapon. i think what is going on here is setting up the pressure that the president will be applying to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu during the president's visit to israel next week to pressure the israelis not to use military force against the iranian program by pushing it out a year or more or so, that means there is a lot of time for diplomacy. that was really the thrust of the president's entire statement in that interes
FOX News
Mar 18, 2013 10:00am PDT
't true and they sent out surrogates like our u.n. ambassador susan rice to parrott falsehoods. so this is a continuing conspiracy on the american people to hide these people and now they feel intimidated, the very heros who helped save lives and their lives were in danger and they're injured and they fear their government? and this is an absolute outrage and i believe the senator's allegations not only are true, but i think he's the type of person who can get to the bottom of it and let the people speak to make sure they understand fully what happened. >> they'll try. our own jenna lee interviewed jay carney on friday and asked him whether the white house prevented or attempt to go prevent any of the folks from speaking. here is mr. carney's response. >> and first of all, i have no knowledge of this story, secondly, i'm sure that the white house is not preventing anyone from speaking. >> so we have him saying, i'm not familiar with the story and i'm sure we're not and lindsey graham saying i have spoken with some of the survivors and telling you that they, as they put it, have bee
Mar 18, 2013 5:00pm PDT
be used as parts for centrifuges in a nuclear facility. this violates a u.n. security council resolution that bans north korea from trading in nuclear-related materials. japanese officials have ordered the storage company to hand over the cargo. >>> it took two months of negotiations but he's been sworn in. they will lead a block that support jewish settlements. no party was able to capture in january. netanyahu entered into negotiations to form his coalition. lawmakers approved the new government. he out lined what h e ed what h. >> translator: we're ready to make a historic compromise that would end the conflict forever. >> netanyahu's coalition partners include the jewish home party whose members oppose a palestinian state. the new defense minister and housing minister both support the building settlements in occupy territory. construction must stop before they will return to the negotiation table. >>> pope francis has welcomed a visitor from back home just a few days into his new role. argenti argentina's president paid him a visit at the vatican and put his diplomatic skills to the
Mar 19, 2013 2:00pm PDT
. >> bill mo u.n. dsey david besada. >> how do you follow that? any way i'm a taxi driver in san francisco i've been a taxi driver for 24 years and i have enough experience belief me you people do not get on the street. you think you know how the cab industry works you don't i promise you you don't. this business is out of control with uber you know nothing about these people nothing and they thrive there's even people picking up people in their private cars now. i see them stop and ask them where they want to go nothing is done nothing and we myself i am making less than half the money i used to make a year or two ago less than half. applause. and it's less than minimum wage. are you guys going to make up the money? no. you are not going to do anything you really don't care. listen to the cab drivers. they know. i'm up from medallion i can buy one in the next month i don't know if i'm going to buy one i'm not going to make enough money to pay for it unless something is done about this. if i can't buy one -- i'll have to start working for somebody else that can't find drivers. t
Mar 19, 2013 2:30pm PDT
afternoon everyone i'm here to speak. >> please tell us your name. >> n u.n. brm i'm recently joined the taxi cab in san francisco you guys know how long it's going to take to be a driver in san francisco it takes 4 months to get the id to get the badge to get everything to go to the streets but it's a tough job what i see there's lots of cabs without any permit lots of cars without any permit nobody knows if they are registered or not what they are doing with the city. if you have a good car you can take a must tang you can do the business i feel like why i spend my full month almost like 3 hundred dollars and every day 115 dollars to the cab company. i want i respect the united states and i respect the law i want to go with the law but what i see a lot of people going against the law and not following the things. each and every rule helps for the drivers the taxi cab drivers we work with the people we help the people to get the grocery to get appointment to get to the doctor appointment but there's no one there there's no limo must tang for them when people are drunk we take them
Mar 19, 2013 5:30pm PDT
they participated at the u.n. on the status of women. they presented three panels, talking about san francisco's response to domestic violence, human trafficking, micro finance, >>> all right. every year we come out to celebrate arbor day in the month of march and i'm happy to kickoff this year arbor day here at this special location. joined with us today we have several guest. i know dan is here, larry stringer is here and our colleagues and our partners in arbor day. today like many other days, trees will be dedicated in someone who has contributed to san francisco either through their work or given back to the environment through culture, through arts and through many of the hard work and we will unveil who will receive this dedication today. as many of you know trees are very important for our communities. they provide us shade, they deter water from going into our storm systems, they provide a place for birds and butterflies and of course they help us clean our air. arbor day is a very important event. it is celebrated not just in america, but all over the world and i'm honored that we a
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Mar 15, 2013 9:45am PDT
? if that is what it takes to keep the u.n. from seizing everyone's [cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome back. my guest tonight an actress stars on both "mad men" and nbc's "community." >> sad news they closed the ski slopes, a dozen scouts got buried in an avalanche. sad. i say we cut our losses and head home. >> why? we're here. we could hang out at the convention. i would have more fun hanging out with parents that are circling. >> why are people cheering at you. >> because they've never seen a man who had sex before. >> how many of those do you have in the chamber? >> enough for the whole ride home. >> what? >> he wanted it to we a surprise. you are a striking resemblance to the supervillage. >> now we're definitely leaving. >> jon: please welcome alison brie. hello. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. [cheers and applause] so lovely. >> jon: enjoy! >> lovely. >> jon: soak it in. >> eating it up. >> jon: soak it in. how are you? community is back now. >> it is back. [cheers and applause] been many rumors that -- took us a little while to get back. >> jon: you began filming in the late 90s whe
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Mar 14, 2013 11:30pm PDT
on comes from another country. i'm not happy about it either. blame the u.n. [laughter] first up, a story that is rocking theworld of meat. >> the united kingdom's meat industry is in disarray after horse meat was discovered in products intended for humans. >> food giant nestle suspending some of its deliveries after traces of horse dna were found in the meat. >> stores in britain, france and sweden now yanking beef products off the shelves over a horse meat scare. >> burger king admits some of its patties in england and ireland were tainted with horse meat. >> stephen: someone in europe is trying to slip you their tainted meat, and for once it's not silvio burlesconi. [laughter] he has been known to yank his meat off the shelves: 4r5 h- [laughter] now, everyone in europe is worried that they may be biting down on horse, instead of their usual delicacy of pickled sheep brain. [laughter] it's a complex story, so let me back up and explain how this horse scandal went down. [speaking like a racetrack announcer] and they're off -- first, horse meat was discovered in a british supermarket, bu
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